Renting The Institute™

Exhibitions of The Institute™ require dry indoor spaces with basic electric and networking facilities. Each installation is customized to each space, and is planned such that it takes on something of the space’s “personality”. This often means, depending on the chosen scale of the exhibit, 'locating' various items of furniture, décor, and other items that originate from the host’s office or institution.

There are three options in terms of size of installation:

  • Small-scale: suitable for a small room or space, especially if part of an exhibition of several other works
  • Mid-scale: suitable for medium size gallery or space
  • Full-scale: suitable for large gallery, often encompassing more than one area

The Institute™ team is able to provide the following for the installation:

  • Up to six computers pre-loaded with The Institute website and supporting networking capabilities
  • Monitors for up to four computers
  • Wall works: [list to come]
  • Audio speakers for each computer station
  • CD for audio playback
  • Template for printouts
  • Exhibition catalogs
  • Cabling, power bars, electrical cords, and installation accessories
  • Installation personnel
  • Training of staff on exhibition start-up and shut-down procedures

Generally, the host provides:

  • LCD projectors and wall mounting brackets
  • Furniture, including chairs, carpets, and anything else deemed useful for the design of the exhibition after an examination of the previous installations and the options provided
  • Internet connections
  • Support staff